Main Office (in Franklin Atrium):
Suite 100N, 3015 - 5 Avenue NE
Calgary, AB   T2A 6T8
Phone: 587-999-9312

Fax: 1-888-284-4877‬

Program Location:
Genesis Centre
1000 Voices Room
7556 Falconridge Blvd NE
Calgary, AB   T3J 0C9

(400m South of Saddletowne LRT Station)

PCHS Calgary is not closing our services to people in need! In the wake of increasing cases of COVID-19 in Alberta, we are adapting to new procedures to provide ongoing support. 

We have transitioned from in-person counselling to online/video and phone counselling services to ensure the safety of our clients and staff.


Please call us @ (587) 999-9312 or reach to us via email:

Virtual Counselling Services

What are Virtual Counselling Services?

Virtual counselling services involve providing counselling services over the internet. This allows people to connect with qualified counsellors from the comfort of their own home and without the hassle of commuting to an office.

PCHS Calgary offers virtual treatment services to individuals, couples and families for a range of life difficulties including:

  • Family enhancement

  • Mental health

  • Addictions

How does Virtual Counselling work?

Virtual counselling services work the same as if it would for in-office sessions. Once we receive a referral request, our intake team will contact you to ask any additional questions so that you can be matched with the most appropriate counsellor for your needs.

Once booked, you will be provided with instructions and support on setting up your software platform. You will need either a laptop, desktop or mobile phone for the session. You will also need to ensure you can find a private space for your session with a stable and secure Wi-Fi connection.